ACE Screening Implementation How-To Guide

Step 3: Form an Implementation Team

Learn best practices and key considerations for recruiting and structuring an implementation team that will be able to successfully implement ACE screening practice-wide.

What you will accomplish in this step

  • Recruit and structure the team
  • Level-set team knowledge

Recruit and structure the team

At organizations of all sizes, settings, and types, it is important that implementation team members represent the different roles that will be impacted by screening.

Level-set team knowledge

Ensure team members have a shared understanding of the fundamentals, including ACEs and toxic stress science, the principles of trauma-informed care, and evidence-based interventions to treat toxic stress. This may include revisiting ACE screening fundamentals resources and webinars.

To Do:


Every implementation team will be different, depending on your practice structure, type, and size. While there are many different roles to consider including on your team, it is important that at least one member of the team has strong expertise in the science of ACEs and toxic stress.

No matter how often your team decides to meet, it is important to schedule meetings on a regular basis. The team should meet often enough so that team members have the information and support they need to keep moving forward with their responsibilities.

It may. Teams at smaller practices may be made up of a few team members who are responsible for multiple roles at the practice and may also have multiple roles on the implementation team. At larger multi-site or multi-department practices, the team may need to be larger to represent each department and specialized roles, such as quality improvement (QI), and each member might be able to focus on a single team role.

Stage 1-Step 3 Complete

Once you’ve completed all of the work in Stage 1-Step 3, it’s time to move on to Stage 1-Step 4, Outline a Plan.

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