ACE Screening Implementation How-To Guide

Step 5: Review and Reflect

Now that you have completed Steps 1-4 in Stage 1, you are almost ready to proceed to Stage 2. To ensure that you understand what you learned in Stage 1 and how it may apply to your practice, we recommend meeting as a team before moving on to Stage 2.

It can be a helpful to check in and discuss how your team members are feeling about the information and about any challenges or concerns they may have at this point in the process.

What you will accomplish in this step

  • Run an exercise to ensure the team’s understanding of how the information from Stage 1 applies to your practice
  • Identify any gaps in understanding or additional questions that need answering before proceeding to Stage 2

To Do:

Stage 1 Complete

Once you’ve completed all of the work in Stage 1-Step 5, it’s time to move on to Stage 2.

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