ACE Screening Implementation How-To Guide

Step 3: Integrate ACE Screening into Your Workflow

In Step 3, consider how screening for ACEs and risk of toxic stress can be incorporated into your clinic’s existing workflow. Think about who on your clinical/staff team will carry out the ACE screening process from start to finish and what, if any, changes to your workflow might be helpful or needed.

Remember, a complete ACE screening includes understanding a patient’s: 1) Exposure to adversity as indicated by the ACE score; 2) Clinical manifestations of toxic stress (i.e. ACE-Associated Health Conditions); and 3) Protective factors. The workflow should address all of these elements.

It can be helpful to make your workflow into a visual to communicate it to your clinical team and staff. Leverage the ACEs Aware Suggested Clinical Workflows for Pediatric and Adult ACE Screening and tailor it to your clinic.

To Do:

Stage 1 Complete

Once you’ve completed all of the work in Stage 1-Step 3, it’s time to move on to Stage 3 (coming 2022).