Stress Busters: Seven Ways to Manage Stress

We all have stress in our lives, but did you know that using strategies to manage stress, or prevent it in the first place, can help us live healthier and longer lives?

Stress Busters are seven ways you can manage your day-to-day stress as well as counter toxic stress from Adverse Childhood Experiences. All Stress Busters have been shown to improve brain health and immune function and balance stress hormones. See which ones might work best for you and the people you care about.

Check out Stress Buster tips and strategies in our new patient handouts, and find additional resources on the individual Stress Buster webpages listed below.

Read the Stress Busters Overview Handout

More information and resources on the seven Stress Buster strategies:

Experiencing a crisis? See these crisis and safety resources.

Video: Introduction to Stress Busters

This video is excerpted from the upcoming ACEs Aware online training Stress Busters: Clinical Strategies for Preventing and Mitigating Toxic Stress.
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