ACE Screening Implementation How-To Guide

Stage 2: Select Your Approach

Stage 2 will help you understand and advance the key decisions that need to be made in selecting your clinic’s approach to implementing ACE screening and treating toxic stress.

A complete ACE screening involves understanding a patient’s: 1) exposure to adversity (i.e., the ACE score); 2) clinical manifestations of toxic stress (i.e., ACE-Associated Health Conditions); and 3) presence of protective factors. The combination of these three elements help to guide effective clinical responses.

Stage 2 goals

  • Determine who you will screen and how
  • Prepare your clinical response for treating toxic stress
  • Map out how you will integrate ACE screening into your workflow

Use the Stage 2 Workbook: Putting It All Together — Your ACE Screening & Clinical Response Approach to organize and document key decisions and continue to refine and update them as you assess how ACE screening is progressing in your clinic.