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ACEs Aware May Grantee Highlights

ACEs Aware grantees are hard at work advancing trauma-informed care and mitigating toxic stress across California. This month, we asked grantees Western Youth Services and California Black Health Network to share their experiences engaging with local communities, overcoming challenges, and advancing the mission of ACEs Aware across the state.

California Comeback Plan

On May 14, Governor Gavin Newsom announced the May Revision of his State Fiscal Year 2021-2022 budget proposal. The May Revision includes a number of proposals designed to advance and augment the impact of ACEs Aware, as well as proposals relevant to supporting the goals and objectives of the initiative.

California’s ACEs Aware Initiative Launches State of Care Provider Engagement Campaign

The Department of Health Care Services and Office of the California Surgeon General launched the “State of CAre” health care provider engagement campaign to expand the reach and impact of the initiative. The campaign uses digital and print media to raise awareness about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the long-term health effects they can have on children and adults if not addressed.

ACEs Aware April Grantee Highlights

This month, we asked grantees La Maida Project, Sutter County Children & Families Commission, and the UCSF Center for Nature and Health to share new learning opportunities and local connections that have emerged as a result of their ACEs Aware grants.

ACEs Aware March Grantee Highlights

Three ACEs Aware grantees met with Dr. Burke Harris to share their successes promoting ACE screenings, trauma-informed systems, and self-care and resilience through their grant activities.

How Trauma Affects the Body: Reflections from Dr. Eric Ball

After witnessing the traumatic loss of his family dog, Orange County pediatrician Dr. Eric Ball shared an intimate reflection on the mental and physical impacts of stress and how to build resilience in the face of adversity.

ACEs Aware Spotlight: Artie Padilla

Artie Padilla, Senior Program Officer for the Neighborhood Development at the Central Valley Community Foundation, discusses his experiences building a trauma-informed network of care team in Fresno County.

ACEs Aware Seeking Applicants to Support Clinical and Communications Work

ACEs Aware is hiring for three new positions – Deputy Communications Director and two Science/Clinical Advisors – to further the mission of supporting Medi-Cal providers across California with training, clinical protocols, and payment for screening children and adults for ACEs.