Balanced Nutrition

Eating foods that provide balanced nutrition gives us energy and makes us feel good. It also helps calm our brain and body when stressful things happen in our life.

It can be a challenge to eat healthy. It’s not so simple these days to find food that is both healthy and affordable. In addition, when we are stressed, we might not be hungry at all, or we might crave potato chips and ice cream. See these Stress Buster tips for healthy eating.

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General tips


Eating Healthy on a Budget

If you are struggling getting enough food, these resources can help

For Parents and Kids

During Pregnancy

  • Balanced nutrition for women of childbearing age and pregnant women is vital to their own health as well as the health of their offspring.
    • Nutrition During Pregnancy Frequently Asked Questions: Information on nutrition, vitamins, planning healthy meals, and weight gain (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists)
    • Pregnancy: Learn about nutrition and pregnancy, including foods to avoid and foods to eat, prenatal supplements, and weight gain (USDA)
    • WIC

Breastfeeding Resources