The ACEs Aware Video Storytelling Series

The ACEs Aware Storytelling Series consists of videos capturing the broad impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) across California and the power of the work of the ACEs Aware initiative, which trains health care providers to screen, recognize, and respond to ACEs and toxic stress.

The ACEs Aware initiative is a first-in-the-nation effort to screen patients for ACEs to help improve and save lives. The initiative produced this video series to expand the reach and impact of ACEs Aware by connecting with Californians, encourage providers and care teams to take the “Becoming ACEs Aware in California” online training, and share best practices and experiences to help others integrate ACE screening into their practices.

Screening for ACEs: A Pediatrician’s Story

The video features pediatrician Dr. Eric Ball from Children’s Health Orange County. Dr. Ball’s experience highlights the importance of applying ACEs Aware training to support patients, families, and clinical staff to cope with the psychological impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and other life stressors.

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Healing from ACEs: A Parent's Story

This video features public health leader Linda Baggio in conversation with California’s first Surgeon General, Dr. Nadine Burke Harris. Linda discusses her personal experiences with ACEs, and her commitment as a parent to disrupting intergenerational transmission.

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Learning with ACEs: An Educator's Story

This video takes us to Sonoma County, where educators at an alternative high school partnered with the County Office of Education to train staff on trauma-informed practices, ACEs, and toxic stress. Since they began implementing trauma-informed practices three years ago, the school has seen its graduation rate rise from 55 percent to 95 percent.

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Healing from Toxic Stress with Dr. Nadine Burke Harris

Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, California’s first Surgeon General, defines the toxic stress response and its potentially harmful impact on health, especially in children. She also discusses evidence-based practices that individuals can adopt to regulate the biological stress response and improve health outcomes.

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