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Grantee: California Quality Collaborative, a program of Purchaser Business Group on Health

This toolkit is a guide for primary care providers and care teams who intend to implement routine screening for ACEs into practice. It offers a framework for planning and implementing these screenings, provides context that is essential to effective implementation, describes change concepts and offers resources to support practice changes.

Grantee: Safe & Sound

The removal of children by the child welfare system is both a result and cause of ACEs. This paper outlines data which reveal inequities in the current child welfare system of California, reviews the evidence suggesting harms of over-surveillance and separation, and highlights policy actions and community-based solutions that have the potential to shift agency and resources to families who have been marginalized.

With 12 natural touch points in the first 3 years of life, pediatric well baby visits make up the most frequent point of contact with the healthcare system for families with young children , providing an opportune space to address the caregiver and family context and provide behavioral health early intervention, connect families to resources, support early child development, and mitigate intergenerational trauma and the harmful effects of toxic stress.

Grantee: Origins Training & Consulting

Eisner Health, a federally qualified health center in Los Angeles County, has incorporated trauma-informed principles into both patient care and internal practices since February 2019, resulting in reduced escalations, supported staff wellness, and improved the patient experience across three clinics.

Grantee: Children’s Cause Orange County on behalf of Early Childhood OC. With participating content experts Drs. Miguel Gallardo, Karen Hill, and Marta M. Shinn

Early Childhood OC collaborated with the Multi-Ethnic Collaborative of Community Agencies (MECCA) and Children’s Cause Orange County to develop an understanding of the perspective of community providers who are, and will be, implementing ACE screening tools. Additional insight was provided by content experts with knowledge related to the intersectionality between ACE screenings and structural racism. 

Families Thrive is a Contra Costa, CA-based cross-sectoral partnership to address needs of children and families impacted by trauma, including intimate partner violence.

A review the evidence linking trauma to health and provide practical guidance to clinicians, researchers, and policymakers about the core components of an effective response to recent and past trauma in the setting of primary care. Written by Edward L. Machtinger, MD, Yvette P. Cuca, PhD, Naina Khanna, BS, Carol Dawson Rose, RN, PhD, Leigh S. Kimberg, MD.